The critical point of any business

A healthy money circuit as well as the optimization of some internal fluxes can add years to the life of your business

An expert who is always close to you

At CORDIAL CONSULTING we make you befriend the financial side of your business. We are the best because we are unable to tick things off; instead, we monitor them in the long term. We are the best because we ensure endurance, when the watchword is instability, we ensure a future when uncertainty looms large, we ensure success when doubts and shortcomings appear.

Dreams are only well-made plans.

- choose the instruments that add years to the life of your business-


Good theoretical fundamentals of financial industry are the solid foundation underlying the smile and the cordiality of Cordial Consulting team.


Without often putting things into practice, with excellent results, theory wouldn’t have helped us too much. That is why we believe we can help you.


Innovation - when you understand the language of financial functionality and when you can almost intuitively detect the causes of complex problems, we already talk about the art of identifying the patterns of financial mechanisms.

Successful business


years of expertise


projects carried out in this domain


clients who have become our friends


trust that we can revolutionize this niche

Our success is measurable in numbers!

We are the same , but different

We wish we could say we make a difference on the market. But no, we don’t. We do whatever other consulting agencies do. Our profile is the same. In fact, we do the same things, but differently. In our own way, which makes us be the difference itself on the market.

Cordial Cordial Consulting

We are the best in our domain because we work day and night to maintain our position

Octavian Barbu

Managing Partner
Corporate Strategist Advisor

We are friends with the financial solutions you are looking for

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